Add some life to your garden with a pond!

Our pond department offers everything you need to create and maintain the perfect garden pond, whether a wildlife paradise or a chic and sleek water fountain.

In the department you'll find ponds, liners, water features, pumps & filters, treatments & accessories, pond plants, coldwater fish and feed.




We have many coldwater pond fish vats featuring a wide range of fish such as Goldfish, Koi, Ghost Koi, Shubunkens, Tench and Golden Orfe. Plus our knowledgeable and helpful staff will be able to provide lots of tips and advice on how to care for your new fish!


Water features


Add some ambience to your garden with the sound of running water trickling down a waterfall or sprinkling from a fountain. Our wide range of pumps and water features mean you can create anything from a small trickle of a self contained water feature to a large garden pond.


Pond Care & Maintenence


We also offer everything you need to maintain and care for a pond, including pond vacuums, filters, treatments and accessories.


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