Come and visit our amazing Aquatics Centre!

Whether you're a novice or an experienced aquarist our Aquarium Department caters for everyone. Our knowledgeable and helpful staff can offer their expert advice from the simplest of questions to tips on the obscure. We've expanded our ranges, offering more of what you love and new ranges too. Plus our new look and layout means it's even easier to find what you're looking for!




We offer a comprehensive range of livestock for all tank types, including coldwater, tropical community, non community fish, African Cichlids, Discus and brackish. We always have plenty of special offers and multi-buys on meaning our fish are great value for money. Plus our staff will always be able to advise you on water requirements and temperment too!

We try to source tank-raised fish from the UK as much as possible as these fish are better acclimatised to local tapwater and the shorter travel distance is less stressful for the fish and better for the environment.


Special Interest


We also offer a range of more special interest livestock for anyone interested in something a little bit more exotic. Species stock change depending on season so it's always best to call for an up to date stock list however we often have great species such as turtles, frogs, shrimp & puffer fish.


Aquarium Plants


We offer a great range of both potted and bunched aquarium plants so you can enhance the look of your aquarium and create the ideal environment for your fish. We can also offer advise on aquascaping and creating beautiful displays with emergent plants.


Tanks & Equipment


We off an incredibly comprehensive range of tanks and equipment featuring many great brands, sizes & specifications. From cheap and simple to set up starter tanks all the way through to large tropical aquariums. All of which from great brands such as Fluval, Biorb, Aquael, Juwel and Red Sea. We also offer a range of lights, filters and pumps too.




Our expanded range of ornaments features various airators, gravels, sands, rocks, corals, backgrounds, sunken treasures, novelties and silk and plastic plants.


Treatments & Food


We offer a full range of tanks and treatments for all fish types and tank set ups. Our feed range includes freeze dried, frozen, algae wafers, pellets, holiday blocks & river shrimp. All from great brands you know you can trust such as; Tetra, Alfa, Hikari, Ocean Nutrition & Aquarian.

We also always have reverse osmosis water in stock which we produce on the premesis.



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