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Open 7 days a week and stocking, tropical, coldwater and marine fish. 

Whether you are an enthusiast, or would simply enjoy gazing at our wonderful array of cold water, tropical and marine fish, a trip to our Aquatics Centre is a must!

We also have a further 8 pond vats containing cold water fish, such as Koi Carp.


At Highway we pride ourselves on the quality of our livestock. Whether you are new to the hobby, just starting out, or an experienced hand, we have something to cater for all tastes and can provide everything you require. (Please note if we don’t carry a certain product in stock we can usually get it within a week or two - just ask our aquatics staff for details).


Our aquatics department covers approximately 2,500 square feet, with over 120 top of the range Juwel stock tanks holding tropical, coldwater and marine fish, plus inverts, from all around the world.


Fortunately the days of owning a couple of goldfish in a bowl are long behind us. We carry a large selection of aquarium kits to choose from and there is always the option to go for something really special, such as one of our custom-built options. We are a major stockist of Juwel aquariums and accessories plus aqua-oi, BiOrb and Boyu tank kits – just ask for further details.




The options don’t just stop there – your next major decision is whether you wish to keep tropical, coldwater or marine fish. Whatever the level of maintenance or care you require, we can put together a comprehensive package to suit your  needs or troubleshoot your problems. We have excellent knowlege of diseases, water quality issues and breeding projects that you may be thinking of undertaking.



To assist in the ‘au natural’ look of your aquarium we have six well stocked plant tanks holding a good selection of both bunched and potted plants, which we source each week from Holland. Commonly stocked species include: Cabomba Aquatica, Wisteria, Colorata, Java Fern, Anubias, Vallis, onion plants, moss balls, Cryptocoryne, Elodia, Red Sessilus, Hygrophyllia sp, Amazon swords plus other Ccinodorus species.


In the pond season we have a good selection of plants for the ornamental garden pond or wildlife pond. Please ask our experts for details on native species and non evasive tropical species. (All pond plants are supplied by Anglo pond plants and are British grown).



We cater for the majority of fish keepers, but lean more towards community style species rather than the large Cichlids, with our wide range of fish from Guppies, Danios, Barbs and Tetras to the exquisite Rainbow fish and Malawi & Tanganyika Cychlids, to name but a few. Where possible we do try and source tank-raised fish from within the UK, Germany and Holland as it is our belief that these fish offer better value for money. (They are tougher than their cousins imported from overseas as they are already fully acclimatised to local tap water and are feeding strongly, minimising any risk of shock and stress).



We maintain a good selection of L numbered Plecs and Corydoras, although some species are dependent on season, so please contact us for an up to date stock list.


For the pond lovers out there we have well-stocked ponds with a selection of traditional pond fish such as Goldfish, Sarasa Comets, Shubunkins, Golden Orfe, Common and Mirror Carp, Ghost Carp and Israeli Koi, which are innoculated against KHV, plus Grass Carp and locally bred Rudd.


We also have a newly launched marine section, which is proving very popular, with new stock arriving on a regualr basis.


Aquariam food and treatments:

Whatever type of feed or treatment you are currently using we are sure that you will find something from our extensive range, be it Aquarian, Ocean nutrition, Tetra, Seachem, Waterlife, Interpet Eheim or one of the many other products we stock.



Pond food and treatments:

We hold the range of N.T. labs food and treatments as our main stock items, with other products cherry picked form Tetra, Cloverleaf, Nishikoi and bulk deals available on Alfa pool pellets and sticks.


Pond equipment:

We stock Hozelock, Lotus, Oasis and Atlantis pond equipment.


Additional info:

Reverse osmosis water is always in stock plus ready-salted water for the marine enthusiast. We use only the finest Deltec H20 pro salt in our pre-mixed water - just bring your container and we will gladly fill it for you.

Also if you need a water test this is part of the service that we offer and is free of charge. Just bring us a sample. It only takes five minutes and could well reveal any teething problems you may be experiencing.

Contact our Aquatics staff on 01508 494665 for further advice and current availability.




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